Community and Environment

Museum of Drinking Water

When visiting Taipei Water Park on the Siyuan Street, what impresses you most will be the ancient architecture with Baroque style, the “Museum of Drinking Water” itself. The architectural feature includes classical dome, wall decorations composed of flowers and grass pattern, just like the Parthenon temple built in ancient Greece. There are shells and horns of rams in Aegean Sea style carved on the standing pillars with exotic atmosphere.

National Taiwan University

National Taiwan University, the premier university in Taiwan with the longest history, has led the country’s higher education and academic research, and cultured many elites of Taiwan. The famous campus landscapes such as Fu Bell, Drunken Moon Lake, Liugongyun Pool, and Agricultural Experimental Farm, allows students and residents of the neighborhood to enjoy the comfortable environment. The Royal Palm Blvd. and the main library on the end of the road, are even more notable campus landscapes.

Treasure Hill Artist Village

Treasure Hill Artist Village is one of the most characteristic sights, with winding alleys, undulate stairs and slopes surrounding the buildings on the hill, giving landscape in picturesque disorder. Besides the existing residents, there are various types of creative artists both here and abroad work and display their artwork right here. Behind are the Gongguan Riverside and Taipei Water Park Bikeway, therefore it's a nice place deserving to take a look and enjoy!

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology on the Keelung Road, is the first higher education institution of the technical and vocational education system in Taiwan. The mission of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology is to develop human technology, knowledge economy and industrial upgrading. It is one of the prestigious schools in Taiwan, for its integrated technical and vocational education system which has cultured numerous engineers and managers. The campus is well-planned and it is convenient to live here.

Gongguan Commercial Area

Gongguan Commercial Area is a prosperous area in the south of Taipei, with National Taiwan University, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology and National Taiwan Normal University nearby. Many people going to Jingmei, Muzha and Xindian usually pass by Gongguan, therefore the opening of Xindian Line of the MRT has brought in lots of students and created business opportunities. As a result, Gongguan Commercial Area has become the most popular place for students to live it up and exchange cultural experiences in their daily lives.