About Centrun Embedded Systems Corporation


Centrum Embedded Systems Corporation (CES) was established in 2007. The objective of CES is to design, manufacture and market industrial mobile computers. CES provides the customization services of industrial mobile computers to the customers,to satisfy their demands and connect the world as boundaryless.


CES is located on Roosevelt Road, in Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City, at the commercial building right on the Exit 1 of MRT Gongguan Station. The location is close to National Taiwan University and Gongguan Commercial Area, very prosperous and convenient to access to.


CES is a team of technology research and development, marketing, and design. We cooperate with each other by sharing resources and brain-storming, therefore through the process we are able to motivate our potential talents and broaden our horizons. We work hard here to create the boundaryless lifestyle and work style!


Due to the convenient location, there are a lot of popular sights and campuses surrounding CES.
1.National Taiwan University 2.Museum of Drinking Water
3.Treasure Hill Artist Village 4.Gongguan Commercial Area

Field of Interest

Besides the need for the high volume products of consumer intelligent mobile devices, there are many needs for the small quantity products of customized and specialized intelligent mobile devices in the world. The goal of CES is to provide a series of customized industrial mobile computers to meet the above needs of customers.


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